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Bullion Coins

There are a variety of UK gold bullion coin ranges to choose from including The Sovereign; The Britannia; the Lunar coins of the Shēngxiào Collection, The Queen's Beasts range of bullion as well as The Two Dragons range. We also offer a range of international gold coins including the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the US Eagle, the Austrian Philharmonic and the Australian Nugget.

We also offer a variety of silver bullion coin ranges including The Britannia; the Lunar coins of the Shēngxiào Collection, The Queen's Beasts range of 2 oz and 10 oz silver bullion as well as The Landmarks of Britain series and The Two Dragons range.

We also offer bullion coins which are struck in fine platinum. Our platinum coin ranges include The Queen's Beasts and The Britannia, all of which are available in 1 oz of fine platinum.



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Bullion Bars

In today’s diverse bullion market, Royal Mint Refinery (RMR) branded bars offer an economical way of owning gold, silver and platinum. RMR bars of 999.9 fine gold, 999 fine silver and 999.5 fine platinum are available in a variety of weights from one gram to one kilogram. Bearing the exclusive branded RMR logo, protected in serialised security packaging and printed with a unique serial number matching the number imprinted in the bullion bar to act as a certificate, RMR bars are the choice for quality and reliability.

All bullion bars are available with free delivery throughout the UK. As an alternative, when you purchase larger gold and platinum bars, you may choose the convenience of storage in The Vault™ - our on-site storage facility. Your purchase will be delivered to our Vault and your precious investment metals are independently audited and fully insured. By purchasing bullion direct from Royal Mint Bullion and storing it in The Vault™, you can benefit from our Buy Back Facility and rest assured that your physical bullion will be held securely - outside of the banking and London Clearing System - and can be liquidated at your request at any time. Equally, you may choose to have part or all of your vault holding delivered to you at your registered address at any time.


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