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A beginner’s guide

People of all ages are drawn to the popular hobby of coin collecting. They enjoy tracking down rare historic coins or commemorative special editions and building up their collections. Today, millions of people across the globe collect coins for fun. Could coin collecting be for you?

Coin standards

When you’re new to coin collecting, it’s important to know about the different standards to which coins are struck, as this will affect the price you pay and the future value. As well as the circulating coins you find in your change, The Royal Mint strikes coins to three other standards: Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion.

Tips for kids

Collecting coins can bring great joy and that’s true for kids as much as it is for experienced collectors. If you’re introducing your children or grandchildren to something you love, or your little ones have just got into coins, you might find our five top tips handy.


Enjoyed by people of all ages, coin collecting is a hobby that is fun and rewarding as well as something precious that can be handed on to the next generation. Learn more about the way we design, craft and make coins and take your first steps into the fascinating world of coin collecting.

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