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Sovereign of the Month
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Our Craft


It takes a great deal of time to hone a craft – over 1,100 years in our experience. As the maker of coins for the United Kingdom, as well as countries around the
world, we continuously have to innovate and develop in order to maintain our high standards of craftsmanship. That’s where our proud heritage built on
originality guides us into the modern day. Although technology and manufacturing processes have undergone monumental changes over the past millennium, the
same approach of dedication and precision remains at our core. Whether we’re producing bullion bars or a commemorative coin wrought in gold and struck to
the highest quality, all of our products are made with precision and handled with care.

With more than 1,100 years of experience, we are The Original Maker



History in the Making

Making of a Coin

Coin production might have evolved over the centuries, but our dedication to the craft remains unchanged. Discover how our coin-making process combines evolving technology, creative precision and human touch to make beautiful products crafted with immense pride.

Making Coins Come to Life

Creativity is an art form but, like all skilled craftspeople, designers have honed their abilities through years of experience and dedication. They hail from a variety of design backgrounds, where they apply their creative talents to the very particular art of designing coins. Coins tell rich and fascinating stories.

Made with Precision, Crafted with Pride

Our coins pass through many skilled hands throughout the production process – from preparing the blank to striking the coin – to ensure they are made with accuracy and precision. Discover the original makers who play a pivotal role in making our coins.


Made with an Original Touch

From pioneering the most secure bullion coin in the world to embracing innovative pad printing techniques, we remain at the forefront of our craft. With lessons
learned from our forebears, we’re able to draw from that knowledge and apply it to new technologies and practices. It’s what makes us so unique. It’s what makes
us The Original Maker.

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