Discover Coin Facts

Coin Collecting

Turn the change in your pocket or special edition commemorative coins into a hugely rewarding pastime that brings the story of the past to life.

UK Coins

The heritage and artistry behind UK coinage goes back centuries. From modern day to historical coinage, learn more about the tradition of coins in Britain.

The Sovereign

Since 1489, the Sovereign has left a lasting impression in the history of coinage. In fact, it is considered by many as the flagship coin of The Royal Mint.


Britannia has been an icon of Britain’s coinage for 2,000 years. Learn more about this enduring symbol and the history behind her portrait.


The monarchy has guided Britain for centuries and has influenced and contributed to the religion, geography, laws, language and government that exist today.


As D-Day approached, Britain prepared for the biggest change in its monetary system for more than 1,000 years. Explore the story of decimal coinage and how Britain adapted to the change.

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