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Discover the unexpected wonder of coins

Be one of the first to go behind the scenes for an exclusive opportunity to see more of what The Royal Mint has to offer. Discover the sights and sounds of areas never before open to the public.

Bronze, Silver or Gold, which option will you choose?


Layout of the day

Introduction – Talk to the experts (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Hear an informative introductory talk by a Royal Mint curator or by one of our highly skilled designers, setting the scene for your VIP tour.

The Royal Mint Museum (Gold Tours Only)
Your chance to see a world-famous collection
Visit The Royal Mint Museum for a behind-the-scenes look at a world-famous treasure trove of historic coins, medals and associated numismatic objects.

The Royal Mint Experience Tour (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Unlock over a thousand years of history
Tour the award-winning Royal Mint Experience, journey through the 1000 year history of The Royal Mint, and observe the skill and craftsmanship that go into making a coin.

Circulating Coin Production (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
From Blanks to Banks- see how the coins in your pocket are made.
Enter the working environment of the circulating coin production area and watch blank discs of metal being transformed into coins in the blink of an eye.

Proof Coin Unit (Silver and Gold Tours Only)
The highest standard of minting
Experience the Tool Room before seizing the opportunity to strike your own very special coin in the Proof Coin Unit, where the highest quality coins and medals are made for collectors.

Lunch is included in both the Silver and Gold tours.



VIP Coin Strike

This is the only place in the UK where you can strike your own precious metal coin.

Guests enjoying the Silver and Gold VIP tours will have the opportunity to strike various coins.

The Certificate of Authenticity will be personally signed by the Queens Assay Master, Graeme Smith.

Cost-  £125 Silver, £460 Gold


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Before you arrive

Pre-arrival notes for VIP Tour   Gwybodaeth Cyn Cyrraedd i Ymwelwyr

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