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Discover great stories from history and how we're celebrating these moments within The Royal Mint. Whether you’re an avid collector looking for some inspiration or an investor, we have stories for everyone.

Commemorative Articles

Moments of Change

The year 2023 marks a significant moment for UK coinage, as we introduce the first definitive coins of His Majesty King Charles III’s reign.

Historic Articles

Uncover the Stories Behind Your Collections

Collecting is a varied and rewarding hobby that allows you to explore your passion in more detail, curating a collection that ignites your imagination. Perhaps you started your collecting journey when you discovered The Royal Mint had commemorated one of your favourite themes on a coin? However you first got started, there is so much more to the coins in your collection than their face value.

Invest Articles

The Royal Mint Gold 2024 Outlook: Fasten Your Seatbelts

The Royal Mint’s Market Insight Analyst, Stuart O’Reilly gives investors an outlook of 2024.

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