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Exploring the history of The Royal Mint and the rich heritage that influences each coin we make is something that children will always remember. A school trip to The Royal Mint Experience is available during term time and is also one of the most interesting places to visit in the school holidays with different, family-friendly events and the opportunity to learn more about the coins in your pocket.

Whether your trip is to educate pupils about the history of Britain, or to learn more about the tradition of coins and The Royal Mint’s links to the monarchy, we’ve got you covered.

Workshops for 2019/2020

Coin Designer (Yr 2-6)

Explore coin designs from around the world and learn how designs for the United Kingdom are chosen. Emboss your own design into foil and make a coin badge to take away.

Fakes and Forgeries (Yr 4-6)

Conduct scientific tests to identify counterfeit coins . Discover the techniques that have been put in place to stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

NEW WORKSHOP FOR 2020 (available from January)

In our brand new workshop -Making Money pupils will discover how The Royal Mint has made coins through the centuries. They will find out what life was like at the Tower of London and explore how minting processes have changed. Through a series of interactive activities, they will learn about different minting techniques from hand-striking, used by medival moneyers, to modern coin production.

Workshop Packages and Prices
£40 for up to 15 pupils
£65 for up to 35 pupils


Please allow up to 4 hours for your visit- Your package will include a Guided Factory Tour, Exhibition and a Facilitated Workshop.

During the visit, you and your pupils will learn more about where the coins you use every day are made, the history behind The Royal Mint and there will be an opportunity to strike your own coin. 

There's more!

Preferential travel rates- Through our transport partners, we can source discounted rates for coaches, making your journey to us even easier
Leave the packed lunch to us- Our cafe is able to provide children's lunch boxes for just £2.95 per child
Back at School- Use our post-visit online resources to extend your pupils' learning across the curriculum back in the classroom.

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