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Corporate information

The Royal Mint’s primary responsibility is to produce and distribute United Kingdom coins, alongside supplying blanks and official medals. We are also the world’s leading export mint, making coins and medals for more than 30 countries every year.


The Royal Mint is so much more than the maker behind the coins in your pocket. We are an historic organisation to which thousands of visitors are drawn each year through our interactive Royal Mint Experience. We are the world’s leading export mint, operating in one of the largest and most advanced facilities in the world, and we are also the trusted body to which investors turn when seeking to include bullion in their portfolios.



The Royal Mint Experience

Learn more about our popular visitor attraction, The Royal Mint Experience.

Bullion sales

Buy gold and silver bullion coins and bars from The Royal Mint.

Circulating Coin

The Royal Mint is the largest and most technically advanced integrated minting facility in the world. We are the trusted partner of more governments and central banks than any other mint and deliver high-quality products that help our customers achieve more value from their currency.

International Sales

With approved distributors in more than 20 countries around the world, our International Sales department is primarily responsible for the wholesale of The Royal Mint’s commemorative coins.

Commemorative Coin

Commemorative coins from The Royal Mint are ideally suited to sit alongside collectable ranges, jewellery and giftware products.

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