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Advertising Guidelines

Guidelines on the use of United Kingdom coin designs

These guidelines are intended to assist members of the public and others who are considering using UK coinage designs. They represent the views of the Royal Mint and are not intended to constitute legal advice.

HM Treasury publish separate guidelines on coinage and banknote issues which require HM Treasury consent. Their guidelines are available from the Debt & Reserves Management Team, HM Treasury, 1 Horseguards Rd, London, SW1A 2HQ.

To view these guidelines on the HM Treasury website please click the link below: HM Treasury guidelines on coinage and banknote issues

Copyright for designs and images of United Kingdom decimal coins subsists in the Crown. Authority has been delegated by the Crown to the Royal Mint. The Royal Mint is responsible for authorising the use of coinage design and the reproduction of images of UK coins.

The flat form reproduction of a coin for use in advertisements or other promotional literature is normally permissible, providing the coin is reproduced in a faithful likeness and shown in good taste. The Royal Mint does not presume to be the arbiters of good taste, but relies on the good sense of the advertisers themselves. The stipulation that coins should be reproduced in a faithful likeness is made to prevent part of the coinage design being used out of context. However, showing part or a segment of a coin will usually be acceptable, providing the image is used in good taste and is clearly recognisable as depicting part of a coin.

Where there is any doubt as to whether a reproduction or use of coin design is permissible, an application for Royal Mint authorisation should be made to:

Information Office Royal Mint Llantrisant Pontyclun CF72 8YT

Applications should include the following information:

  • Details of image being reproduced
  • Context of reproduction

The Crown enjoys a right to charge a royalty fee for the use of coinage designs. This is however usually waived, providing the design does not form an integral part of a commercial product (for example, a coin design reproduced on a T-shirt).

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