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The Royal Mint does not accept the return of UK coins from members of the public or individual businesses directly. Only UK coins that meet the technical specifications set out to UK banks can be returned via the UK banking system.

This refers to coins returned by High Street Banks and Post Offices, and it is at their discretion as to whether a circulation coin, of any denomination, is accepted from a member of the public or an individual business.

No value will be reimbursed for recklessly or deliberately damaged coins. Face value will only be returned for coins that are able to process through a verified coin sorting machine, calibrated to specific standards.

The Royal Mint does not accept the return of overseas coins via the UK Banking system.

Outside of the UK Garbled Coin Policy, The Royal Mint is currently in partnership with Arrandene MFG, working with Central Banks and Minting facilities worldwide on the repatriation of obsolete non-UK circulation coins from overseas.

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