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The Victorian period is famed for the rapid advancements in science, industry and the arts. Under Victoria, Britain became the world's first industrial power and the queen’s influence is still felt today. Discover the three portraits of Victoria with our collection of Victorian coins, medals and sets

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1887 Victoria £5 Sovereign

1887 Victoria £5 Sovereign

Very Fine Condition

Price: £3,495.00

Only 3 available
1887 Victoria Half Sovereign

Price: £330.00

In Stock
The Greatest Queens Three-Coin Set

Price: £750.00

In Stock
The Diamond Jubilee Sovereign Set
Best Seller

Price: £1,480.00

Only 7 available
The Circulating Double-Sovereign Set

Price: £12,995.00

Only 6 available
Queen Victoria Jubilee Sovereign Two-Coin Set

Price: £1,200.00

In Stock
Queen Victoria Jubilee Half-Sovereign Two-Coin Set

Price: £795.00

In Stock
1889 Victoria Sovereign - London

Price: £620.00

Only 1 available
1881 Victoria Sovereign, Melbourne Mint Mark

Price: £645.00

Only 1 available
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