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Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins

View our selection of rare ancient coins and get closer to the greatest globe-spanning empires that defined ages. Limited Selections Available.

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British Monarchs

Discover the coinage produced for the most powerful monarchs in British history. View and purchase iconic coins produced for kings and queens.

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British Pre-Decimal Coins

Turn back the clock with our collection of British pre-decimal coins that offer a nostalgic look at the coins of our recent past including the shilling and halfpenny.

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Ceremonial Coins

Ceremonial Coins

Uncover centuries of tradition with our collection of ceremonial coins used in customs including the Trial of the Pyx and Maundy Thursday.

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Coin Accessories

Coin Accessories & Books

Store and protect your prized collection with our premium quality coin collector sets, books, and tools that make cataloguing your finds simple.

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Historic Sets

Historic Coin Sets

Our coin sets offer you the opportunity to own key commemorative and circulating coins from a particular year brought together in premium presentations.

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Historic Sovereign

Historic Sovereigns

Discover the ‘chief coin of the world’ in all its glory with year-dated Sovereigns from the most significant years in the collections unparalleled history.

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Graded Coins

Graded Coins

Grow your collection with confidence with our selection of independently graded coins that guarantee quality for every purchase.

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Medieval Coins

Medieval Coins

View some of the earliest coins struck by The Royal Mint with our collection of medieval gold and silver coins. Limited Stock Available.

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Military Coins

Military Coins

Commemorate the most significant moments in British military history with our selection of coinage from key military dates.

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World Coins

World Coins

Explore the most collectable coins from around the world with a selection sourced, authenticated, and graded by our team of numismatic experts.

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Coin finder service

The Royal Mint maintains relationships with specialists around the world. Our team may be able to help you find the elusive coin you’re looking for.

Authentication and valuation

With more than 1,100 years of experience and knowledge, The Royal Mint’s team of experts can help you identify and value the coins in your collection.



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