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Trial of the Pyx 

Rich in ceremony, the Trial of the Pyx is one of the longest established judicial procedures in the British Isles – its history stretching back more than 700 years. The now-annual Trial is one of the reasons why The Royal Mint is respected around the world for accuracy and precision. Held at the historic Goldsmiths’ Hall in London, the trial sees jurors examining coins for their weight, diameter, metal composition and overall quality.

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The processes of the Trial as we know them today date back to the era of Edward I or earlier. Coins are randomly selected from each batch minted and set aside in Pyx boxes, which get their name from the Pyx Chamber at Westminster Abbey. Coins were originally stored in the chamber, along with various important items of state.

These are the actual coins used in the 2019 Trial of the Pyx, meaning that they represent the opportunity to connect directly with the rich and fascinating history of British coinage and The Royal Mint. Due to the nature of the Trial’s process, having been handled, weighed, measured, etc., each coin is unique and may show signs of possessing a character all of its own. Very few of the coins are available, so they are likely to sell out quickly.

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