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The Royal Mint is committed to providing equal opportunities for all. Our aim is to treat all our customers, employees and prospective employees with integrity, respect and consideration. 

We aim to ensure that individuals are recruited, selected, trained and promoted on the basis of ability, job requirements, skills and aptitudes. 

All applicants and employees will always be dealt with fairly and on objective criteria so no individual or group is disadvantaged. 

It is our practice not to treat any person, be it a customer, candidate or employee less favourably than another on the grounds of:  

  • sex
  • marriage or civil partnership status 
  • race 
  • age 
  • sexual orientation 
  • religion or belief 
  • gender reassignment 
  • pregnancy or maternity 
  • disability


To further enhance The Royal Mint’s commitment to equality we have a set of Core Values which are at the heart of everything we stand for, and we ensure our policies are up to date and compliant with all aspects of The Equality Act 2010 


Our Workforce


16-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Total
44 200 217 242 206 21 930



Male Female Total
638 292 930


Full Time /Part Time

Gender Full Time Part-Time Total
Male 627 11 638
Female 247 45 292
Total 874 56 930

*Workforce figures as of March 2023

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