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Circulating Coin

The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint and the largest and most technically advanced integrated minting facility in the world. It supplies millions of coins and blanks to countries around the world but its first priority is to make and distribute United Kingdom coins.

Circulating Coin


Offering a breadth of experience in terms of best practice and strategy, The Royal Mint’s Circulating Coin team brings to the fore a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience.



Coin reclamation programmes

The Coin Reclamation Programme gives issuing authorities, treasuries and mints an incentive to switch from old to new coins.

Mono-ply plated steel coins and coin blanks

As the cost of raw material increases, more and more countries are choosing plated coins and blanks which offer significant advantages over homogeneous products.

Coin management training programme

An opportunity to learn from our team of experts and share experiences with your peers from the minting industry.

Our team

Our dedicated team offers a wealth of experience and knowledge which has been gained over many years.

Coin Checking and Validation in the UK

Our machine-testing framework enables manufacturers to test their machines with counterfeit coins to ensure they only accept genuine coins.

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