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Starting a Coin Collection: Here’s What You Need to Know

What do Hollywood star Jack Black, Louis XIV of France, and the Roman Emperor Augustus have in common? The answer is a passion for coin collecting – and they have plenty of company too. 

People of all ages and from all walks of life are drawn to this age-old pastime. Coin collecting dates back to ancient Greece when it was customary to present people with coins as gifts on special occasions. It is a popular hobby and people enjoy tracking down rare old coins or commemorative special editions to add to their collections.

Today, millions of people across the globe collect coins for fun. If you’re thinking about joining their ranks, read on to see if coin collecting is the hobby for you.

Coin Collecting is Educational

If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. Collecting isn’t just about finding coins and popping them in a folder or box. Coins contain a wealth of information about the period in which they were minted and the notable figures of the time. If you find a particularly interesting coin, The Royal Mint website is a great source of information if you want to find out more about it.

Coin Collecting is Exciting

For most people, collecting is all about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction when you finally complete a set after months of hunting for that last elusive coin. To get the most out of your hobby, set yourself specific targets for coins you’d like to get your hands on and start searching.

Collecting from your change is a great way to get started, but you can expand your collection with commemorative coins, which are available to purchase on our website. 

Coin Collecting is Affordable

Many hobbies can require expensive pieces of kit before you can get started – but not this one. Coin collecting is easily accessible. Yes, you can spend hundreds if you are chasing after a particularly rare coin, but for the most part, there are interesting and unusual coins available at affordable prices. Even Roman coins, which are thousands of years old, can be acquired for modest sums.

You can choose a particular theme or denomination, for example, the rarest 50p pieces. There are lots of interesting designs already in circulation, plus others you can buy.


How to Start Your Coin Collection

Chances are that you already have the makings of a coin collection in your pocket right now, or lying around the house. Perhaps there’s a commemorative coin you’ve been given as a gift or some foreign currency you’ve held onto after your holidays.

If you want to build up a collection, all you need to do is decide what it is about coins that interest you and start from there. Perhaps you are interested in a certain period of history and would like to find coins minted during that time. Other people simply like to build up collections of special edition coins, which are released to commemorate landmark events and anniversaries.

Whatever type of coins you want to start collecting, it’s a good idea to buy a few coin folders to store your collection to keep them looking their best. You can either buy blank folders or ones that are organised by date or type of coin. The Royal Mint’s range of collector albums will help you to group your coins by year or theme, which is a great starting point for new collectors.

Once you have your albums, you’re ready to start hunting for coins. If you aren’t sure where to begin, why not join our coin swap community on Facebook where you can chat with other collectors to learn more about the hobby? Don’t be afraid to ask questions – fellow members are bound to know the best places for picking up unusual finds.

And remember, be vigilant. A sought-after design could drop right into your lap. There are plenty of coin designs with limited mintage in circulation at the moment, so be careful to check your change for anything unusual before you spend it.

Happy collecting!

Start Your Coin Collection

For many collectors, the love of history and storytelling inspires them to embark on their numismatic journey. Discover the wonders of coin with our carefully curated collection, perfect for newcomers who are eager to explore. View the full range today!

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