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Investing in Bullion

How to Invest with The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has worked with precious metals for over a millennium and we are The Original Maker of trusted investment solutions in gold, silver and platinum. Whether you are looking to set up a precious metals savings programme for a loved one, or wish to diversify your investment portfolio, where better to start than with The Royal Mint, the UK’s home of gold?

Trusted by thousands of investors all over the world, The Royal Mint offers gold, silver and platinum bullion approved by His Majesty, The King. We also offer a range of physically-backed precious metals savings and trading products suited for all of life’s chapters; from growing a golden nest egg for a child, to preparing for a golden retirement.

Physical Investments

Invest in Bullion

Invest in Bullion

The Royal Mint’s bullion range includes coins and bars, which are available in a range of metals, themes and sizes. All of our bullion products are competitively priced based on live market rates. Our Sovereign and Britannia flagship ranges are a popular choice for many seasoned precious metal investors.

Invest in Bullion
Invest in Gold

Invest in Gold Bullion

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Invest in Silver

Invest in Silver Bullion

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Invest in Platinum

Invest in Platinum Bullion

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A bullion coin is made from precious metals that are sold at a premium over the precious metal spot price. Bullion coins are usually made from gold and silver, and may also be available in platinum and palladium.

When you are looking to purchase bullion, where better than where gold and silver bullion coins and bars are actually struck? With Royal Mint Bullion you can rely on more than 1,100 years of experience, striking coins for the United Kingdom. You can purchase with confidence, in the knowledge that our coins and bars are tested to the most rigorous standards by an independent quality assurance process and that their weight, as United Kingdom legal tender, is guaranteed by Act of Parliament.

When you purchase from us you can rest assured that you are trading securely and dealing with a trusted organisation.

The Royal Mint currently stocks a range of gold, silver and platinum coins and bars. These include our flagship Sovereign and Britannia ranges, as well as a variety of other coins in various weights, metals and denominations. As well as coins, we offer bars of gold, silver and platinum in a variety of weights from 1 g to 400 oz. Our unique DigiGold offering also provides the ability to purchase gold, silver and platinum based on monetary value e.g. £25 instead of by fixed weight e.g. a 1 oz coin or bar, providing you with more control and flexibility.

All of the gold bullion offered from The Royal Mint, including coins, bars and DigiGold, is VAT free for non VAT registered private individuals. 

Silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars are subject to standard VAT, currently 20.0%. Similarly, Platinum bullion coins and platinum bullion bars are subject to standard VAT, currently 20.0%.

Digital Silver and Digital Platinum are also liable to VAT at the standard rate.

For dispatch to countries outside of the EU, VAT will not be charged. These packages may, however, be assessed for import or customs fees, depending on the laws of particular countries.

All bullion coins and bars can be stored in The Vault®, with the exception of digital investment products. 

You can request that any or all of your stored bullion be shipped to you at any time.

Once you have taken delivery of your Vault holding, you may choose to sell it back to us using our buy back service. 

Please note:  Digital precious metals cannot be delivered.

digital investments

Invest in Digital Precious Metals

At The Royal Mint, we provide a range of physically-backed digital precious metals products to cater for all life stages. From growing a golden nest egg for a loved one, to market trading, or planning for a well earned retirement, investing in precious metals with The Royal Mint can help you prepare for a bright future.








DigiGold is a simple and cost-effective way to own physical gold, silver and platinum in quantities to suit all budgets, allowing you to purchase and own a fractional amount of a large gold, silver and platinum bars that are held securely in The Vault®. These large bars allow us to offer economies of scale and pass on the savings to customers. Unlike buying Coins or Bars it enables you to purchase gold, silver and platinum based on value rather than weight e.g. £25 instead of a 1 oz coin or bar, providing you with control and flexibility. Please note that DigiGold products cannot be delivered.

Little Treasures is an online precious metals account that you can open with The Royal Mint. It allows you to purchase and hold DigiGold by making regular payments by standing order or one-off deposits into your online precious metals account. The money that you pay in to your account is used to purchase physical gold on your behalf.

The idea behind Little Treasures is to allow you to keep saving gold until you are ready to gift it to your loved one. This could be at their 18th or 21st birthday, when they look to buy their first home, or whenever you feel they are ready to claim their nest egg. At that point, you can choose to sell your gold back to us for cash, redeem your digital gold for physical gold coins or bars (by selling your gold back to us and using the money in your account to purchase physical products) or transfer the holdings to another account (should your loved one choose to open their own digital gold savings account at age 18 or over).

Please note, it is entirely at your discretion as to whether you wish to gift the proceeds from your Little Treasures account to any third party, including a child or grandchild.

Gold for pensions allows you to add physical gold to your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) or your Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS).  

Digital gold, silver and platinum offers direct ownership of real, physical gold without the delivery or fabrication fees associated with Coins and Bars. Unlike Coins and RMR bars DigiGold enables you to purchase gold, silver and platinum based on value rather than weight e.g. £25 instead of a 1 oz coin or bar. As you purchase fractions of a large bar, Digital precious metals cannot be delivered. Subject to a minimum order value of £25, you can purchase any amount you choose in 0.001 ounce units, unlike larger coins and bars, you can spend exactly what you choose.

When you purchase digital precious metals you own it and have legal title to it, with The Royal Mint acting as a custodian, meaning that we don’t have any direct claim on the gold, silver or platinum you have purchased.

For your piece of mind, The Royal Mint guarantees:
✔ That you own and have full legal title to every ounce of gold, silver and platinum on your account
✔ Every ounce of gold, silver and platinum on your account is an ounce of fine gold, silver and platinum
✔ Your gold, silver and platinum is stored securely in The Vault® which is reconciled and accounted for each day
✔ The product remains within the custody and security of The Royal Mint at all times, protected by trained security staff and is fully insured
✔ The Royal Mint always holds more gold, silver and platinum in The Vault® than is held by our clients

account management

Account Management

Customers who wish to make high value investments can rest assured that they will receive a personal and bespoke service from our dedicated precious metals account management team.


At The Royal Mint, we believe loyalty should be recognised. Our bullion account management service is dedicated to individuals looking to invest in excess of £50,000 in precious metals, offering a personalised service and exclusive pricing.

Clients who spend £50,000 or more on bullion or digital precious metals with The Royal Mint will be eligible for The Royal Mint’s bullion account management service.

There is no fee associated with this offering. Please speak to one of our account managers for further information.

Please refer to the ‘Why Choose Account Management’ section on this page for an overview of the bullion account management benefits.

Complete the form on this page in order to book an introduction appointment with a member of The Royal Mint’s account management team.

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