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The oldest coin still produced today, The Sovereign was first struck over 500 years ago in 1489, during the reign of Henry VII, a statement of the wealth and strength of the new Tudor dynasty. It was named to honour the king and has been a symbol of strength and prestige ever since.

The Sovereign was revived during the coinage reform of 1816 to restabilise Britain’s currency after the economic upheaval of the French Revolutionary wars. During the nineteenth century, the gold Sovereign was a recognised currency in more than 20 countries. A circulating coin, it was struck in 916.7 fine gold to withstand daily use and it is struck from that same durable gold today. The Sovereign’s quality and purity was carefully safeguarded by The Royal Mint, and such was its prestige and reputation as a model for mass produced accuracy that it became known as the ‘chief coin of the world’. Renowned engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci, was commissioned by The Royal Mint to create a worthy design for The Sovereign. He chose the noble Saint George as his subject, whose unwavering dedication and bravery is celebrated in the United Kingdom through the story of St George and the Dragon – the captivating tale of good triumphing over evil. Pistrucci combined the legend with Grecian style and his St George and the Dragon design was born. Instantly distinctive, it became a classic and still endures today, 200 years later.

The Sovereign offers a sense of luxury, history and symbolism that no other coin can match. With its bold St George and the Dragon design, it has become an internationally recognised symbol of unrivalled accuracy, integrity and strength. To this day, it remains trusted, traded, respected and admired the world over. The Sovereign has always been produced by The Royal Mint, an institution with more than 1,000 years of heritage and experience, and we continue to preserve the quality and accuracy of the coin to this day - the standard by which other coins are measured.

The Sovereign is the flagship coin of The Royal Mint and the most tightly specified coin in the world. The weight and quality of its 22 carat gold is verified at the Trial of the Pyx, an exacting independent trial dating back to at least 1282, and is guaranteed within five decimal places by the coinage act of 1971. The exceptional purity of The Sovereign’s 916.7 gold means it is CGT exempt in the United Kingdom and VAT free in the UK and European Community.

The Story of the Sovereign – Chief coin of the world

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