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british monarchy

British Monarchs
Through the Ages

Discover our selection of royal commemorative coins and uncover tales behind the most influential rulers in British history.

Discover Royal Collections

As the original maker of British coins, The Royal Mint struck every UK coin of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III UK Coin Collection

Discover the coronation collection featuring His Majesty King Charles III’s first official crowned coinage portrait, which has received the monarch’s personal approval.

The British Monarchs Collection

Throughout The Royal Mint’s history, there have been numerous Kings and Queens that have featured on British coins. Britain’s rich heritage and varied history are often categorised by the monarch who was on the throne at the time of the event.

The Memorial Sovereign 2022

Associated with British kings and queens for centuries, The Sovereign has long been a symbol of regal strength and authority. This memorial edition marks the first time the coin features the official coinage portrait of His Majesty The King, whilst also honouring the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection

The proud Bull of Clarence is the latest addition to The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection. This is the first coin in the collection to feature the new official coinage portrait of His Majesty The King.

The Queen's Reign Collection

Featuring reverse designs by the Irish artist and illustrator Patrick James (P. J.) Lynch, the coins in this limited collection of three UK coins honours The Queen’s contribution to society and the common good. 

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