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A Sustainable Future

Sustainability · Environment


We are committed to developing innovative solutions in the precious metals industry to support a circular economy, lower our carbon footprint, and drive responsible sourcing practices, including our aim to become net zero by 2050.

In July, The Royal Mint formally launched its local energy centre (LEC), which helps power its 38-acre manufacturing site in Llantrisant, and is part of its continued commitment to sustainability.

After unveiling our daffodil-themed wind-turbine in 2018, we’ve now welcomed a new solar farm, an additional wind-turbine, a combined heat and power plant, and battery storage facility, to form The Royal Mint’s Local Energy Centre.

The LEC generates renewable and lower carbon electricity which is used to help power the whole of The Royal Mint’s site, including its manufacturing areas.

Solar Panel Farm


Our Impact: Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to positively impact the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Turning Electronic Waste into Gold

As part of our ambition to become a leader in sustainable precious metals, we have partnered with Canadian clean-tech start-up Excir, to recover precious metals from electronic waste. Targeting the printed circuit boards in discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, this pioneering technology will provide a source of high-quality precious metals, whilst offering a solution to a growing environmental challenge. This initiative forms part of our reinvention strategy and is an important step in achieving our ambition to increase our use of recycled metals, help drive a circular economy, whilst also supporting jobs and skills in the United Kingdom.

Turning Waste into Gold

Using Recycled Gold in an Exchange-traded Commodity

In partnership with Quintet, we have introduced 100% recycled gold bars as part of its existing Physical Gold ETC (RMAU). According to research conducted by HANetf, this made RMAU the world’s first gold ETF or ETC backed by such bars. Unlike many other commodities, gold can be infinitely recycled with no degradation to its quality. All bars backing RMAU are post-2019 LBMA good delivery status, and custody of gold is at our highly secure, purpose-built vault in Llantrisant, South Wales. We are excited to produce this innovative recycled gold product, as we look to champion sustainability across all areas of our business.

Using Recycled Gold in an Exchange-traded Commodity

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