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Stack Securely with Britannia

Introduced by The Royal Mint in 1987, the Britannia bullion coin has become one of our flagship ranges. In 2021, four brand-new, state-of-the-art security features were introduced, further increasing the trust investors around the world have in this coin.


Trusted Worldwide

Trusted Worldwide

The iconic figure of Britannia, standing for strength and security and designed by Jody Clark, graces the reverse of our coins and bars.

Over 1,100 Years of Experience

Over 1,100 Years of Experience

The Royal Mint has been crafting coins since the year 886, expertise that spans more than a millennium.

Effortless Authentication

Effortless Authentication

Britannia’s four innovative security features enable customers to verify that the coin is authentic by rotating it in the light.

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Britannia coins combine the skill of the artist with the finest craftsmanship to create a work of art.


Trusted by investors around the world, The Royal Mint’s Britannia silver bars feature one of the most iconic figures in British history.


The Vault® has capacity for both bullion coin and bar storage on a fully allocated, segregated storage basis.

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