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More than any other precious metal, silver’s unique qualities make it indispensable. Widely used in the manufacture of jewellery and collectables, demand for silver is also underpinned by a broad range of industrial applications. Thanks to its malleability, conductivity and resistance to corrosion, silver is an important component in the telecommunications, medical and energy sectors.

Many investors choose silver as it is more affordable than gold. Silver is also more volatile than gold, attracting investors looking for short-term gains. With a range of silver investment options now available from The Royal Mint, it has never been easier to stack silver.

Investing in Silver

What Could a Silver Investment Look Like?

Using our historic price calculator will allow you to reflect on the silver market, enabling you to gain a better understanding of how the price varies over time. It can be used to indicate the approximate value of silver investments or the potential long-term growth of silver bullion products.





termcurrent valuepotential return*
1 Year
5 Years
10 Years
20 Years


Getting Started

Invest in Silver in Four Simple Steps


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Silver Bullion Best Sellers

Our silver bullion best sellers page contains a selection of our bestselling silver bullion coins and bars from the UK’s home of precious metals.

Why Silver?

Benefits of Silver Investment



Between March and September 2020, the silver price rose by 111%.

International Market

Silver has a globally recognised value, which means it is easy to buy and sell at any time.

Spread Your Risk

Silver usually performs well when riskier stocks fall, helping to create a diverse investment portfolio.

Inherently Beautiful

Silver has been treasured for millennia, making it the perfect family heirloom.



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