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Silver is considered a safe haven asset during times of political and economic uncertainty. The silver price is more affordable than gold, and it’s also more volatile, attracting investors looking for short-term gains. Because equivalent weights are worth less than gold, silver can be liquidated to fund a small financial need.

Silver has a long history as currency and, thanks to its intrinsic value, has retained its purchasing power over long periods. Widely used in the manufacture of jewellery and collectables, demand for silver is also underpinned by a broad range of industrial applications.

Thanks to its malleability, conductivity and resistance to corrosion, silver is an important component in the telecommunications, medical and energy sectors. You’ll find silver in things like mobile phones and the cells in solar panels. Accounting for more than 50% of demand, the industrial use of silver continues to grow steadily.

Why invest in silver?


CGT Free

All UK legal tender silver coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt.


 Iconic  Designs

Our silver coins and bars come in an array of iconic numismatic designs.


Quality Assurance

The weight and purity of each of our silver coins is assured by UK government


Beginners guides to investing in Silver


Gold or Silver: Facts at a glance

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A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide


How else is silver used?

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