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2021 Christmas Sixpence

Embrace the centuries-old tradition of mixing a lucky sixpence into your Christmas pudding with a Sixpence from The Royal Mint. The custom, known as ‘Stir-up Sunday’, involves the family coming together to help make the Christmas pudding on the Sunday before Advent, which this year falls on 21 November. Whoever gets the sixpence in their helping of pudding on the big day is thought to be blessed with a year of good luck.

2021 Christmas Gold Proof Sixpence

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Why Every Pudding Needs a Coin

In a tradition believed to have been brought to Britain by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, a “lucky sixpence” is stirred into the Christmas pudding mix on the Sunday before Advent.

The History of the "Lucky Sixpence"

First struck in 1551 during the reign of King Edward VI, the sixpence quickly became a favourite coin, even becoming a symbol of good fortune.

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Christmas moments, made for you

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