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For bullion investments, many of our customers choose the safety, security and convenience that is offered by the secure bullion storage solution located inside the protected home of The Royal Mint.

At The Royal Mint, there are two options to securely store your bullion investments or any precious objects. For bullion purchases through the website, storage directly within The Vault® is available. This is a Federal Standard 832 Class A Secure Vault, directly on-site at The Royal Mint – one of the most secure locations in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, secure safety deposit boxes are available for any of your valued possessions.

As well as being located behind the gates of our Llantrisant site in South Wales and being guarded 24/7, our secure storage was labelled as ‘the most secure in the industry’ by the Chairman of the British Safe Manufacturers Association. You can find out more about each of these services below.


Bullion Storage at The Vault®

The Vault® combines over 1,100 years of experience in safeguarding the nation’s coinage with state-of-the-art security systems and protocols, and was built to Federal Standard 832 Class A in 1986. The Vault® is guarded by trained security staff who are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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A Comprehensive Service

The Vault® has capacity for both bullion coin and bar storage on a fully allocated, segregated storage basis. Your precious metals are independently audited and fully insured. Our transparent storage rates are calculated based on the daily price fixings published by the LBMA, and account statements are issued quarterly and charged in arrears.


Instant Liquidity

By purchasing bullion direct from The Royal Mint and storing it in The Vault®, you can also benefit from our sell-back service. This enables you to sell your bullion back to us at a competitive rate, based on live precious metal prices.


Safety Deposit Boxes

As one of the most secure sites in the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint is the perfect place to keep your high-value items safe, no matter where you may live. Our safety deposit boxes allow you to store your jewelry, deeds, wills or any other precious items, and provide you with the peace of mind that your possessions are protected and fully insured.


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Safely Stored 

Each of our safety deposit boxes are double locked and offer insurance cover for up to £50,000.


Security Guaranteed

Everyone who comes onto The Royal Mint’s site is subject to identity verification and an x-ray scan, and will be escorted to their deposit box by a member of security.


Personal Experience

Access to your belongings is carried out through biometric technology, ensuring that only you can access your safety deposit box alongside a member of our security team.

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