Bond in the New Millennium: Bond Films of the 2000s

By the end of the twentieth century, the James Bond character had become synonymous with the actor Pierce Brosnan, who had played the role of 007 exclusively throughout the 1990s. In 1999, The World Is Not Enough proved to be commercially and artistically successful, leaving both fans and the studio alike pleased with the results, setting the bar high for Bond’s return in the new millennium. Fortunately, the film’s success carried into the 2000s with the release of Die Another Day in 2002, which smashed the box office numbers set by the previous release. The film was undoubtedly a huge commercial success and brought Pierce Brosnan’s tenure as 007 to a satisfying conclusion after four memorable films.

Naturally, replacing a popular actor like Pierce Brosnan was going to prove to be a big ask. Thankfully, Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 in Casino Royale in 2006 more than lived up to fans’ lofty expectations. An unbridled tour-de-force, Daniel Craig’s presentation of a grittier, ruthless 007 was a new direction for the character. Heavy on action and heavy on drama, Casino Royale remains a standout instalment in the annals of Bond history and is regularly cited as one of the best films of the decade, not just within the confines of the 007 franchise.

Bond in the New Millennium: Bond Films of the 2000s

The follow-up to Casino Royale came two years later with the release of Quantum Of Solace in 2008. Unlike previous instalments of the franchise, it was a direct sequel that continued the story that was established in the previous release, Casino Royale. Once again, the film was largely well received and performed well in theatres worldwide, continuing to place Daniel Craig in a favourable light with audiences going into the 2010s.

Meet the makers

A memorable decade of 007, the 2000s is an era that is remembered fondly by fans of the James Bond franchise. For our numismatic tribute to this memorable moment in time, Matt Dent and Christian Davies opted to look to Pierce Brosnan’s final portrayal as Bond for inspiration for this addition to the Six Decades of 007 Collection.

Bond 00s Design

Specifically, the design duo focused on the Osprey 5 hovercraft from the pre-title sequence of Die Another Day, in which Bond flees the North Korean Demilitarised Zone with a horde of troops in hot pursuit. Undoubtedly a standout moment in the film, the hovercraft itself proved difficult for Pierce Brosnan to operate during the shoot. The actor remarked that the slippery steering made the vehicle hard to handle and was akin to ‘driving a bar of soap’.

Appearing just as it does in the film, the Osprey 5 hovercraft is captured in fine detail in this design, accompanied by the 007 logo from the period. The titles of the Bond films of the decade once again provide the background to the reverse of the coin, whilst the unmistakable gun barrel borders the design. A fitting tribute to this iconic decade of 007, the Bond Films of the 2000s UK Coin is a must-have for Bond aficionados and fans of 2000s pop culture. Don’t miss your chance to own this unique piece of memorabilia by ordering your coin today.



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