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1970s Bond: Behind the Design

Following on from the first coin in the Six Decades of 007 Collection dedicated to the 1960s, the second coin picks up right where the inaugural coin left off by celebrating the James Bond adventures of the 1970s.

A decade of Bond characterised by cinematic experimentation and genre-hopping narratives, the much-loved 007 movies of the 1970s were memorable for a multitude of reasons – all of which provided more than enough material for Matt Dent and Christian Davies of Bison Bison to work with when it came to designing this coin.


Adhering to the same blueprint established in the first coin of the collection, which featured ‘Little Nellie’, one of the most memorable vehicular Bond gadgets of the 1960s, the second coin features the legendary Lotus Esprit S1, aka ‘Wet Nellie’. As retro as it is iconic, the unforgettable submarine car capable of traversing underwater as well as on land made a big splash in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Considered by many to be one of the best Bond films of all time, it is an all-time classic and a worthy subject for a coin celebrating this iconic decade of 007.

The coin itself features the unmistakable vehicle in full underwater mode, complete with activated rudder and diving planes visible on each side. Bubbles emanate from the rear to further illustrate its submerged state as it travels through water. Meanwhile, the background of the coin is made up of the titles of the Bond films made in the 1970s, from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) right up to Moonraker (1979). A subtle nod to the main image of ‘Wet Nellie’, the text for The Spy Who Loved Me appears prominently, illustrating its connection to the gadget on show in the centre.

The central design is encircled by the classic ‘gun barrel’ border which appears during the famous opening sequences that are the hallmark of each Bond movie. In addition to these features, the design also includes the ubiquitous 007 logo synonymous with the Bond franchise. Fittingly, the logo itself appears stylised as it did in the 1970s. First introduced for Live And Let Die in 1973, the new logo signalled the end of the Connery era of Bond and further highlighted the intention for the franchise to enter a new chapter under the stewardship of its new leading man.

Perhaps most fitting of all, the release of this coin also coincides with the 50th anniversary of Live And Let Die, the momentous debut of Roger Moore as the iconic secret agent. The third man to play the role of 007, Moore ushered in a new era of Bond with his big screen inauguration and began a run that would last long into the 1980s.

With all these features neatly collated into a single design, Matt Dent and Christian Davies have truly captured the essence of the James Bond films of the 1970s in one coin-sized image. We proudly celebrate this iconic decade of Bond and invite coin collectors around the world to join the celebration by securing their own Bond Films of the 1970s 2023 UK Coin today.

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