2024 Annual Sets | First set to include King Charles III Definitive Coins
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Against the backdrop of major turning points, Nations have identified themselves through their currencies and their conflicts. Many coins and banknotes have been issued throughout British history as a direct consequence of conflict with other nations.

Whether in the build-up, midst, or following conflict, those artefacts that survived often tell a fascinating tale.

We are proud to present The Currency of Conflict Premium Exclusive Set, a four-coin set featuring some of the rarest coins produced during times of conflict. With only one of these limited-edition sets available, this exclusive set features highly collectable coins for one collector.

This four-coin set includes a Charles I 1643 Oxford triple unite, a 1690 silver Proof crown struck as ‘gun money’ for James II, a 1746 George II silver crown featuring the ‘Lima’ inscription, denoting where the silver originated, and an 1813 military guinea struck for George III.

The set marks key points in military history and includes some of the rarest military coins to have survived to this day:

Oxford Triple Unite: NGC AU50 only two of this type in higher NGC grade - Created under siege during the English Civil War.

The gold Triple Unite represents the largest hammered gold denomination ever produced in the English series of coinage at a face value of Three Pounds.

Military Guinea: NGC MS64, only one of this type in higher NGC grade - Struck for the military during the Napoleonic Wars using gold provided by the Rothchild family

Lima Crown: NGC AU58 - Made with seized silver pirated from the Spanish galleons at sea.

Gun Money Proof: NGC PF65, the best graded by NGC of this type - Struck under siege during the Williamite War in Ireland. The name gun money stems from the idea that they were minted from melted-down guns.

*Correct as of January 2023


Oxford Triple Unite

Specification Value
Alloy 916.67 Fine Gold
Weight 27.00 g
Diameter 46.00mm
Reverse Designer Thomas Rawlins
Obverse Designer Thomas Rawlins
Specification Value
Year 1643
Pure Metal Type Gold
Grade NGC AU50

Gun Money Proof

Specification Value
Weight 20.42 g
Diameter 28.30mm
Reverse Designer Unknown
Obverse Designer Unknown
Year 1690
Specification Value
Pure Metal Type Silver
Grade NGC PF65

Lima Crown

Specification Value
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 30.1 g
Diameter 38.60mm
Reverse Designer Johann Ochs
Obverse Designer John Tanner
Specification Value
Year 1746
Pure Metal Type Silver
Grade NGC AU58

Military Guinea

Specification Value
Alloy 916.67 Fine Gold
Weight 8.4 g
Diameter 24.00mm
Reverse Designer Lewis Pingo
Obverse Designer Nathaniel Marchant
Specification Value
Year 1813
Pure Metal Type Gold
Grade NGC MS64
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