Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker- Christmas

The festive season is just around the corner and our collection of Christmas gifts and decorations is available now to bring a touch of style to your celebrations. We spoke with Abbie Williams, a Royal Mint Product Designer, who was behind some of the beautiful pieces in the collection.

Tell us about your role.

I joined The Royal Mint two and a half years ago. My background is in jewellery design, both in creating pieces and teaching others. It’s a skill that maps across to The Royal Mint well, as it demands an eye for detail and an understanding of how precious metals react to particular processes and techniques. I work very closely with Gordon Summers the Chief Engraver to create and perfect techniques, and with the production teams to turn ideas into beautiful and useful pieces.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Pushing manufacturing to its limits gets me really excited! The Royal Mint has such a wealth of experience and an unrivalled heritage, but it is balanced with a passion for innovation and some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in minting. I love channelling all this into creating products that have both style and function.

Meet the Maker - Christmas

What inspired the 2021 Christmas Collection?

The inspiration for the Christmas decorations and gifts was the interplay of light. This is something that we explore frequently when creating coin designs. Hexurity is a technique created by Gordon, which involves the hiding of an image within a surface. This is then revealed as light catches the design; it was something I felt would translate perfectly to the Christmas Collection.

Tell us about some of the pieces.

Christmas decorations and gifts really lend themselves to this idea; when produced in precious metals they can catch glimpses of light, especially at this time of year where candles are flickering and fairy lights decorate our homes.

Three of the tree decorations feature star designs. Stars work brilliantly to capture and reflect light with their multi-faceted shape.

With the Una and the Lion decoration we are paying tribute to a truly iconic design, so it was important to allow it space so the viewer can see its beauty.



Meet the Maker - Christmas

The lid on our luxury Christmas candles doubles as a candle topper and coaster and is embossed with a beautiful design that continues the interplay of light theme.       

Our Book Medals are luxury bookmarks crafted from precious metal, which employs the skills of our Medal Team. The eye-catching pieces feature concentric circles with a variety of patterns and techniques being used to capture the interplay of light.

Meet the Maker - Christmas

How do you feel about the completed collection?

The range is a great showcase for The Royal Mint’s heritage and skill and for the passionate people who work here. Here we can do things with materials and metals that others can’t. The beauty and clarity of the designs are testimony to the pioneering techniques we have created.

The 2021 Christmas Collection is available now, with gifts from a unique Advent Calendar to bullion bars, and a special edition Christmas Minty® – The Royal Mint’s official piggy bank. View the collection…


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