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Gold has been prized and treasured by civilisations for centuries. The precious metal has been coveted throughout the ages primarily due to its rarity and scarcity, with the world producing more steel in a single hour than all the gold poured in recorded history.

Collecting commemorative gold coins offers you a way of honouring a certain theme or significant milestone in the most precious possible way. You might also be interested in historic coins, telling rich stories about the period in which they were struck. You could also be viewing gold as an investment, as it is consistently considered a reliable addition to portfolios with the view of preserving or protecting wealth. Investing in gold now could build the foundations of a nest egg for your family and loved ones in years to come.

Of course, you might not always wish to buy gold for yourself – perhaps there’s a special anniversary coming up for a family member or some of your closest friends are getting married. Celebrating the occasion with the gift of gold is a wonderfully thoughtful and poignant gesture. With a proud heritage that spans more than 1,100 years, we are an established authority on precious metal coins and bars, and there’s no one better placed to help you collect, discover or invest in gold than The Royal Mint.


Discover Gold

Celebrating a range of themes and occasions from pop culture to royal milestones, you’ll find a gold coin to suit your taste or to serve as the perfect gift within our collection of commemorative coins.

Collect Gold Coins

Discover gold coins that tell rich and fascinating stories about the era in which they were struck. Browse our historic gold coins now.

Invest in Gold

Bolster your portfolio, protect your wealth and create a nest egg for the future by investing in gold - one of the world's rarest and most coveted precious metals.

Gold Christmas Moments

Made for a Golden Christmas

No Christmas is complete without a touch of gold, from the Three Wise Men bearing gifts to the golden glow of candlelight and the decorations that fill our homes at this special time of the year.

Gifts of gold from The Royal Mint combine quality and beautiful design with craftsmanship that has been perfected over a thousand years. From 1g gold bullion bars to historic, year-dated Sovereigns and a gold six pence, there is a luxurious gift for everyone on your list.

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Gold as a Safe Haven during Economic Turbulence

Gold as a Safe Haven during Economic Turbulence

Gold is frequently regarded as a safe haven asset due to the fact that it generally isn’t impacted by poor performance of standard assets such as stocks, bonds, property and private equity.

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Making Traditions – Gold in Our Culture

Gold has long had the power to captivate, from ancient civilisation to the modern day. Highly valued as currency and used as decoration for around 6,000 years, gold has also inspired countless books, poems, works of art and fairy tales. It is crucial in technology, aerospace and medicine but why is gold so alluring?

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Gold vs. Bitcoin

The exponential growth and growing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past year has sparked the interest of many investors.  Furthermore, some social influencers are questioning whether Bitcoin, in particular, is able to play a similar role to gold within an investment portfolio.

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How to Invest

The Royal Mint offers a variety of precious metal investment options, enabling you to choose the one that suits you best.

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