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An Exclusive Platinum Coin

Marking Two Anniversaries in Britannia’s Evolving History

Britannia is an integral part of British history, her story interwoven with that of the nation. She has appeared on the coinage for almost 2,000 years, an enduring symbol of strength and stability. Now, as we look back to the launch of the flagship gold Britannia bullion coin 30 years ago, and the silver Britannia bullion coin 20 years ago, they are recognised across the world for their quality and beauty. In the spirit of reinvention, the annual release of The Royal Mint’s Britannia Proof coin has also become a showcase for modern artists to bring their unique perspective to the popular British icon.

On the 20th anniversary of the silver Britannia bullion coin, fine art student Louis Tamlyn has created a contemporary reverse design, reflecting a time of political change when the eyes of the world have often been on Britain. His design also contains the trident mint mark that celebrates these important anniversaries. This is the only platinum coin in the collection, and is struck in a quarter of an ounce of 999.5 platinum and finished to Proof standard. Just 750 of these limited edition coins will be struck, with each presented in a Royal Mint case, accompanied by a booklet that explores the rich history of Britannia and reveals more about the inspiration behind the 2017 design.


Britannia 2017 UK Quarter-Ounce Platinum Proof Coin

Specification Value
Maximum Coin Mintage 850
Alloy Platinum 0.9995
Weight 7.846g
Diameter 20.00mm
Reverse Designer Louis Tamlyn
Specification Value
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2017
Pure Metal Type Platinum
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