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2024 Britannia


The Leader in Bullion Security

The innovative security features incorporated into each 2024 Britannia make this coin a world leader in bullion security.


Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Britannia bullion coins have been made secure with the application of the latest techniques and tools, ensuring they are trusted worldwide.

 Centuries of Tradition

Centuries of Tradition

Britannia has been depicted on coins struck by The Royal Mint during the reign of every monarch since Charles II.

Inspired Design

Inspired Design

Britannia is drawn in a chariot by mighty sea creatures, in a design reminiscent of the iconic Boadicea and Her Daughters statue next to Westminster Bridge.


Invest in a Timeless Icon

The Royal Mint’s Britannia coins and bars lead the way in the international bullion market.


Made To Protect

In 2023, Britannia’s spry continues as she is reimagined once as the defender of Britain’s shores and protector of peace.


Britannia Through History

From a symbol of unity to the 'queen of the seas', Britannia has endured as an icon on coins for more than 350 years.

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