Coin of the Year 2019

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Coin of the Year 2019

2019 saw an array of designs on our coins, but which was the design you loved the most? Thank you for voting, the results are now in:


Remembrance Day 2019 £5

Over the past century, the scope of Remembrance Day has expanded beyond paying tribute to the dead of the First World War. It is now an opportunity for people to reflect on the sacrifices made in a number of modern conflicts, including ongoing deployments. That Remembrance has expanded in this way over the past century is clear testament to its importance and, regardless of the era, the spirit is almost always the same – honour, respect, and, of course, sombreness.

Carrying the words ‘we will remember them’, the Remembrance Day 2019 coin features a solitary poppy – an iconic feature in the ceremony of Remembrance – along with the dates 1919 and 2019. Designed by artist Harry Brockway, the coin is an understated and respectful way to remember those who have lost their lives in service of their country.

IWM records and tells the stories of those who have lived, fought and died in conflict since 1914. The Royal Mint will donate to IWM 2.5% of the recommended retail price of this product and your purchase ensures that these stories are heard.

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Coin of the Year - Second place

Stephen Hawking 50p

A brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking had a gift for making the complex relatable. Thanks to his keen mind and infectious enthusiasm, a whole new audience grappled with the fundamentals of time and space. As we start an exciting new series celebrating innovators in science, it’s only fitting that the first coin features the most famous British scientist of modern times. Finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard, superior to the change in your pocket, Edwina Ellis’ black hole design commemorates the genius of Hawking’s ground breaking work.

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Coin of the Year - Third place

Wallace & Gromit 50p

The beagle has landed! 30 years after A Grand Day Out was first shown in November 1989, the film’s stars Wallace and Gromit land on the surface of a 50p coin.

Over three decades, the inseparable duo have become household favourites in the UK and beyond. Their breakthrough success was followed up with more wonderful adventures and they became a must-see TV event at Christmas for many years.

These brilliant British characters have been brought together forever on a UK coin by The Royal Mint and Aardman. The coin design has been created by Nick Park and the team at Aardman and shows the duo as if peering from the porthole of the rocket that took them to the moon. ‘Cracking cheese’ makes it to the table too, in the form of the Latin inscription ‘CASEUS PRAESTANS’ that appears on the coin’s surface.

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Coin of the Year - Fourth place


Una and the Lion

Working entirely by hand, in Una and the Lion William Wyon created one of the world’s most beautiful coins. Last struck by The Royal Mint during the 1880s, the coin has been carefully restored with the benefit of modern minting techniques. Precision detailing complements the artistry of the original. Created using the die Wyon himself used, remastered to remove historical blemishes, this modern interpretation breathes new life into this cherished design.

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Coin of the Year - Fifth place


The Snowman 2019 50p

When we designed our first Snowman coin in 2018, we were able to enlist the help of award-winning animator and illustrator Robin Shaw. Robin has a long association with the book’s author and illustrator Raymond Briggs stretching back over many years. After the success of last year’s release, we’re delighted to be working with him once again. 

This year’s coin has been developed in partnership with Snowman Enterprises using Robin’s illustrations and, once again, he’s contributed exclusive sketches for the packaging.

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Complete Results

Coins Votes Percentage (%)
Remembrance Day £5 777 10.60%
Stephen Hawking 50p 733 10.00%
Wallace & Gromit 50p 499 6.81%
Una and the Lion 483 6.59%
The Snowman 50p 382 5.21%
Sherlock Holmes 50p 376 5.13%
Captain Cook £2 357 4.87%
Queen Victoria £5 356 4.86%
D-Day £2 263 3.59%
The Gruffalo & The Mouse 50p 250 3.41%
Paddington at St Pauls 50p 245 3.34%
Britannia 199 2.72%
Kew Gardens 50p 199 2.72%
Sovereign 191 2.61%
Paddington at the Tower 50p 159 2.17%
Peter Rabbit 50p 157 2.14%
D-Day 50p 150 2.05%
50 Years of the 50p 130 1.77%
Wedgwood £2 128 1.75%
Lion of England 126 1.72%
Battle of Britain 50p 119 1.62%
Lunar Year of the Rat 90 1.23%
The Gruffalo 50p 87 1.19%
10p - R 64 0.87%
VC Soldiers 50p 61 0.83%
10p - B 59 0.81%
Legend of the Ravens £5 55 0.75%
Samuel Pepys £2 55 0.75%
White Lion of Mortimer 54 0.74%
10p - E 46 0.63%
10p - P 43 0.59%
Battle of Hastings 50p 40 0.55%
VC Medals 50p 40 0.55%
Yale of Beaufort 35 0.48%
10p - A 31 0.42%
10p - N 25 0.34%
10p - J 21 0.29%
10p - S 18 0.25%
The Yeoman Warders £5 18 0.25%
10p - K 17 0.23%
10p - C 16 0.22%
The Crown Jewels £5 15 0.20%
10p - L 14 0.19%
Ceremony of the Keys £5 13 0.18%
10p - W 12 0.16%
Scouting 50p 12 0.16%
10p - U 11 0.15%
10p - X 10 0.14%
10p - D 9 0.12%
Bannister 50p 9 0.12%
Guiding 50p 9 0.12%
10p - O 8 0.11%
10p - G 7 0.10%
10p - Q 7 0.10%
10p - F 5 0.07%
10p - H 5 0.07%
10p - I 5 0.07%
10p - T 5 0.07%
10p - V 5 0.07%
10p - M 4 0.05%
10p - Z 4 0.05%
10p - Y 2 0.03%
The Lion of England 2 0.03%
Total Votes 7,327

What will be your coin of 2020?

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