The Year of King George III

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Celebrating a Multifaceted Monarch

Each year The Royal Mint strikes the coins that tell the stories of our evolving culture and the people who have influenced it. Often these stories are interwoven in some way and this year, as we celebrate the fascinating reign of George III, it’s more apparent than ever.

George III was the first Hanoverian monarch to be born in Britain and speak English as a first language. He became one of Britain's longest reigning monarchs, serving almost 60 years on the throne. More widely known for his well-documented mental illness, towards the end of his life the king became so ill that his son, the Prince Regent, ruled on his behalf.

Today, we have a much more rounded view of George III, as a busy and thoughtful monarch. He devoted himself to his wife and thirteen surviving children and took his duties as king seriously, striving for unity in politics, advancement in science and refinement in culture.

In 2020, we are paying tribute to this complex monarch with a £5 coin that reflects George III's multifaceted life and pursuits. This coin is available in a range of editions as an individual coin, but it can also be found in the 2020 Annual Sets among other important issues of the year, such as the Anniversary of VE Day (X) £2 coin and the Team GB 50p coin.

Just as George III had many passions and interests, there are several ways to celebrate his story. For this year only, The Sovereign 2020 features a special mint mark alongside the familiar St George and the Dragon design. George III’s royal cypher appears below the defeated dragon, making this a very special issue of the coin of the monarch.

Another of our 2020 issues links to the fascinating monarch. The latest release from The Queen’s Beasts Collection focuses on the White Horse of Hanover. Just like his predecessors, George III embraced his ancient heraldry and retained the White Horse within his Coat of Arms. You can see this within the elaborate shield that the White Horse holds on the coins struck in its honour.

Find out more about George III here.

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