2024 Annual Sets | First set to include King Charles III Definitive Coins
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British Monarchs
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Discover our selection of royal commemorative coins and uncover tales behind the most influential rulers in British history.

As the original maker of British coins, The Royal Mint struck every UK coin of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Buckingham Palace

We are delighted to present a magnificent tribute to the rich heritage and storied legacy of His Majesty King Charles III’s official London residence. We’ve partnered with Royal Collection Trust to commemorate this iconic landmark, which has served as the home of British monarchs since 1837.

The 75th Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III

Discover a beautiful coin struck to mark His Majesty The King’s 75th birthday. Approved by the monarch, the coin features a reverse design that symbolises his dearest passions and interests.


Sovereign Coins

Struck for kings and queens since 1489, the ‘chief coin of the world’ is the pinnacle of minting. The Royal Mint is the home of The Sovereign.

The First Definitive Coins of His Majesty King Charles III’s Reign

In the same year as his historic coronation, we release the first definitive coins of His Majesty King Charles III’s reign, from the 1p to the £2, in what is a historic moment for the United Kingdom and its coinage.

The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III UK Coin Collection

Discover the coronation collection featuring His Majesty King Charles III’s first official crowned coinage portrait, which has received the monarch’s personal approval.

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