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1,100 Years of Making Coins for Royalty

The Royal Family is admired by people throughout the United Kingdom and across the globe and Her Majesty The Queen – the world’s longest living reigning monarch – is universally respected for her dedication to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth. Members of the Royal Family support The Queen with official duties and also carry out a huge amount of charitable and public service work.

As the original maker of UK coins, The Royal Mint has struck every UK coin of The Queen’s reign and we are marking this once-in-a-lifetime moment with one of our largest coin collections to date.

Prince William's 40th Birthday

This year The Duke of Cambridge celebrates his milestone 40th birthday. Join The Royal Mint in marking the occasion with a special commemorative coin.

The Queen's Reign Collection

As the Platinum Jubilee celebrations get underway with shared lunches, street parties and concerts, we are honouring some of the most remarkable aspects of the longest reign in British history.

Royal Tudor Beasts

The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection continues with the Lion of England. The king of the Royal Beasts appears on the second coin in our regal series celebrating the royal and powerful Tudor dynasty.

British Monarchs

Throughout The Royal Mint’s history, there have been numerous Kings and Queens that have featured on British coins. Britain’s rich heritage and varied history are often categorised by the monarch who was on the throne at the time of the event.

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