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The Type 1 gold dollar depicts a head of Liberty, facing left, with a coronet or tiara on her head bearing her name. Her hair is gathered in a bun; she is surrounded by 13 stars representing the original states. The reverse features the date and denomination within a wreath, with the name of the nation near the rim. The head of Liberty on the Type 1 dollar is a scaled-down version of that on the double eagle

With the massive increase of bullion as a result of the Californian gold rush, the US congress authorised the first gold dollar in 1849. The coins eventually fell out of circulation due to the economic crises caused by the Civil War.
Liberty Head Gold Dollar
Type 1 1849-1854
Designer James B Longacre.
Smaller type.
Approximately 1.672 grams of 90% gold and 13mm in diameter.


Specification Value
Weight 1.67 g
Diameter 12.70mm
Reverse Designer Peter Filatreu Cross
Obverse Designer James B. Longacre
Pure Metal Type Gold
Specification Value
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