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Coins from Around the World

As we observe a respectful period of mourning following recent events, the launch dates for the remaining sets in our Coins from Around the World collection have moved to early next year.

Our collection dedicated to coins from around the world is set to get even bigger with several new sets on the horizon this year. Ranging from those dedicated to Australian branch mints and South Africa’s gold coinage to historic rupees and world flagship coins, these upcoming sets span a range of countries offering unique coins from around the world. Register your interest today to ensure you don’t miss a single release.

August 2022

Melbourne Mint Three-Coin Set

This set includes three Sovereigns struck in Melbourne, which each feature the effigies of three different monarchs: Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V.

Australian Branch Mints Four-Coin Set

This set includes a Sovereign from each of the Australian branch mints as well as one of the first Sovereigns struck in Sydney, with the word ‘AUSTRALIA’ within a wreath on the reverse of the coin.

December 2022

The Story of the Sovereign and the Branch Mints

Focusing on The Sovereign’s global legacy, this comprehensive eight-coin set illustrates the fascinating legacy of The Royal Mint around the world. Featuring different editions of our flagship coin, they feature different dated mint marks from each respective branch mint.

January 2023

Flagship Coins of the World

Available as a quarter-ounce gold and one ounce gold and silver edition, this six-coin set features flagship coins from the major mints around the world, including those in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China and Australia and South Africa.

Gold Coinage of South Africa

A unique release that takes you back to the Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886, this set includes a Kruger Pond from c. 1890s and a Sovereign from c. 1920s struck at The Royal Mint’s short-lived branch mint in Pretoria.

February 2023

Indian Rupees Historics Set

This set includes six uniquely different rupee coins tracing India’s rich history back to the 1800s. The five coins feature different British monarchs on their obverses, all struck under British rule, and another issued in 1950 following India’s independence in 1947.

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