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From the twelfth to the sixteenth century, coins were struck in France for English kings following the marriage of Richard I’s father, Henry II, to Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine. Henry and Eleanor’s marriage was troubled, eventually leading Eleanor to leave England and return to Aquitaine, taking Richard with her.

Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, is one of the most iconic English kings of the last millennium. Prior to becoming king, Richard even took part in a rebellion alongside his mother and two of his brothers against his father, Henry II, on behalf of Aquitaine. Though relationships with his father were frayed, the death of his older brother left Richard as heir to England’s throne.

Richard was well known for his military guile and his role in leading the Third Crusade in an attempt to retake Jerusalem following its capture by legendary Muslim leader Saladin. En route to The Holy Land, Richard conquered Cyprus, highlighting his military prowess. Richard led and won many key battles throughout the Crusade, though ultimately failed in recapturing Jerusalem and signed a truce with Saladin.

Richard’s return to England was interrupted due to his capture and imprisonment by Henry VI of Germany, who held him to ransom. Upon his return to England, Richard reclaimed the throne from his brother John and spent the remainder of his days in Normandy fighting against his former ally in the Crusade, Phillip II. This guaranteed Richard the Lionheart a place in English history books.


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