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At the time it was struck, this coin was affectionately known as the 'Barmaid's Ruin' due to it being a similar size to its more valuable counterpart the crown. It's said that barmaids, in the poorly lit pubs and taverns of the day, were particularly prone to mistaking the denomination for the crown and consequently faced dismissal for errors in change. 


Engraved by Joseph Edgar Boehm, the coin features a crowned and veiled bust of Queen Victoria, known as the 'Jubilee Head'. Circling the portrait is the legend 'VICTORIA DEI GRATIA', which translates as 'Victoria by the Grace of God'.


Engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon, brother of William Wyon who was the official chief engraver at The Royal Mint from 1828 to 1851. The design features four cruciform shields – including a harp to represent Ireland; a lion rampant to represent Scotland and three lions passant for England – surrounding a central Garter star. Around the edge of the coin are the words
'BRITT: REG: 18 87 FID: DEF:' which is translated as 'Queen of the Britains Defender of the Faith'.


Specification Value
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 22.62 g
Diameter 36.00mm
Reverse Designer Leonard Charles Wyon
Obverse Designer Joseph Edgar Boehm
Specification Value
Quality Proof
Year 1887
Pure Metal Type Silver
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