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Sovereign of the Month
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Crowned bust of Queen Victoria with braided hair, facing left. Here, Queen Victoria is wearing a dress embroidered with roses, shamrocks and thistles, representing the national emblems of England, Ireland and Scotland.  

The obverse inscription reads: "VICTORIA REGINA 1849". This was deemed controversial at the time due to the omission of the words 'Del Gratia', which means 'By the Grace of God'.


Four crowned cruciform shields bearing a harp represent Ireland; a lion rampant represents Scotland while three lions passant represent England. The centre of the coin shows a Tudor rose, and a legend around the edge of the coin reads "ONE FLORIN ONE TENTH OF A POUND".

Both reverse and obverse of the coin were designed by William Wyon.


Specification Value
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 11.31 g
Diameter 28.00mm
Reverse Designer William Wyon
Obverse Designer William Wyon
Specification Value
Quality Circulating
Year 1849
Pure Metal Type Silver
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