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This William and Mary Type 2 Half-Crown is a significant symbol of a pivotal time in history. The pair was appointed jointly by parliament following James II's abandonment of the kingdom in 1689, resulting in the only joint reign in British history. 

The obverse of this coin presents the second laureate conjoined busts of King William and Queen Mary, facing right, enveloped by a surrounding legend: ‘GVLIELMVS · ET · MARIA · DEI · GRATIA’, signifying ‘William and Mary by the Grace of God’. The coin's edge bears the regnal year in Latin, denoted as ‘QVINTO’, representing the fifth year of their joint rule.  

On the reverse, the central motif features crowned cruciform shields that encircle the emblematic Nassau lion, with the royal cypher and the year numeral positioned at the angles. The encompassing legend reads ‘MAG·BR· FR·ET·HI· REX·ET· REGINA· WM WM WM WM 1 6 9 3’, which translates to ‘King and Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland’.


Specification Value
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 15.05 g
Diameter 34.00mm
Quality Circulating
Pure Metal Type Silver
Specification Value
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