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Prior to the end of the First World War, the crown was made of sterling silver, but in the 1920s the price of silver rose, and the coin went from 92.5% to 50% silver. By 1947, the crown would no longer include any silver and the alloy cupro-nickel was used instead.

The wreath crown design by George Kruger Gray was much admired and the type design continued in succeeding years at the request of the Bank of England, who liked to stock them at Christmas time to present to valued clients. This explains why the mintages were always quite small for the normal currency pieces.

The wreath crown was produced in low mintages; in 1927 only 15,030 were struck, making this coin a rare addition to any collection.

The crown managed to survive the change to decimalisation. While not in circulation, it is legal tender. Originally valued at 25 pence, the UK Government altered its value to £5, making it the highest denomination coin post decimalisation, while also returning to using both silver and gold in the production of the modern crown coin.


Specification Value
Denomination Crown
Alloy .500 Silver
Weight 28.28 g
Diameter 38.61mm
Reverse Designer George Kruger Gray
Specification Value
Obverse Designer Bertram MacKennal
Quality Proof
Year 1927
Pure Metal Type Silver
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