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Sir Isaacs Newton’s contribution to our understanding of the universe is so significant that even today his name is still synonymous with genius.

A little known fact about the life of Sir Isaac Newton is that he had a very lengthy association with the minting industry and served as the Master of The Royal Mint from 1699 until his death in 1727.

As Master of the Mint, Newton was particularly concerned with the accuracy of the nation’s currency.  He was determined to ensure that all coins were made to the correct weight and fineness, varying as little as possible.  His efforts brought the coinage, in his own words to a "much greater degree of exactness than was ever known before".

But, in 1718 he had a problem. The global price of silver had risen considerably, resulting in vast quantities of British silver coinage being melted down for its intrinsic value. Without a lower value coin in circulation the British economy would crumble and the Empire would be over before it had begun.

Newton’s solution was simple yet brilliant. Strike a new gold coin, the first ever quarter Guinea, to provide a useful substitute to the now scarce five-shilling silver crown. Newton’s genius had saved the economy. 

George I Gold Quarter Guinea

Over 300 years old

Approximately 2.1 grams of 22k Gold.

In a minimum of Fine condition

35 years after Newton’s death the British economy again faced silver shortages that threatened the country. The solution was to replicate the great scientists’ model and the 1762 quarter guinea was issued for the second and final time in history.


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