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Meet the Maker: The Coronation Bullion Coin Range

InvestCoronation Bullion Coin


To commemorate the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, The Royal Mint is releasing an exclusively designed bullion coin range. The first crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty The King, created by British sculptor Martin Jennings, graces the obverse of each coin in the range and has received the monarch’s personal approval.

The reverse design that features in The Coronation Bullion Coin Range is the work of John Bergdahl. The experienced coinage artist has created several designs for UK coins and medals, including a commemorative equestrian portrait of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in honour of the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

The reverse design that appears in this bullion coin range features King Charles III’s royal cypher at the centre of the coin, topped by the Tudor Crown, much like the monogram of his grandfather George VI.

We sat down with John Bergdahl to find out more about his creative process and the inspiration behind his design.


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After receiving the submission invite, what were you most looking forward to about this project?

“After receiving the brief, I was very much looking forward to the whole process, from pondering the subject matter, researching past coins and medals to spark my imagination, right through to the submission of designs and awaiting the outcome.”

How did it feel when you found out that your design had been chosen to feature on the coin?

“The usual elation at being chosen and a desire to press on with the next stage of the process – the sculpting of the model.”

How did you approach the initial design concept?

“I approached the design brief in my usual manner by sitting in a quiet room, glass in hand, until the coin starts to take shape in my mind; only when I can envisage the complete coin in my head do I commit my thoughts to paper.”


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Did you undertake any research for the theme?

“I always undertake a certain amount of research in the early stages but, when it comes to subjects of a heraldic nature, I tend to rely more on my 60 years of experience as an engraver and coinage artist to see me through.”

What was your journey to becoming a designer?

“I never had much of an education in the arts, or anything else for that matter, after leaving school at 15 years old. I had hoped to go on to art school, but family circumstances meant I had little choice other than to start work. I tried a number of occupations before starting an apprenticeship as an engraver, only to leave home a few months later to join a famous engraving firm in Bond Street, London. The rest I learned by watching over shoulders and bluffing my way through!”

Which artists or art movements inspire you?

“My main inspiration comes from the surrealist movement, although I’m unlikely to ever have any opportunity to put their concepts into practice in the world of coin design!”

Each bullion coin in The Coronation Bullion Coin Range will be available in limited mintages.


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