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Vintage Silver Sixpence Greeting Card

The sixpence was first struck by The Royal Mint over five centuries ago. Over its long history it has become synonymous with luck. Served up in a slice of Christmas pudding, tucked into a bride’s shoe or given as a christening gift – a lucky sixpence is part of British tradition. 

Millions of people have grown up with this popular coin and what it means. Now you can pass on these good feelings and positive sentiment by giving a sixpence with a greeting card. Suitable for almost any occasion and to show people that you care and are thinking of them.

Containing .500 silver, the sixpences contained in these stylish wallets were struck by The Royal Mint between 1920 and 1946, and feature the portrait of George V or George VI who reigned during this time. A delightful coin for any occasion, the Vintage Silver Sixpence is a small piece of good fortune


Specification Value
Alloy .500 Silver
Weight 2.83 g
Diameter 19.41mm
Year Mixed dates
Specification Value
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