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The British Monarchs Collection celebrates the coinage portraits of iconic British kings and queens. The latest release in the collection commemorates the second monarch from the House of Stuart, Charles I and features an original coinage portrait beautifully remastered to show the coin as it would have appeared almost 400 years ago.

This King Charles I Two-Coin Gold Set brings together a historic gold unite struck during the reign of Charles I and a 2023 commemorative coin, which features a remastering of an original design by Nicholas Briot. The Charles I 2023 coin is the only coin in The British Monarchs Collection to feature an equestrian portrait. This two-coin set has a Limited Edition Presentation of just 20 sets.

The Unite Coin

This magnificent gold coin is not just a piece of metal, but a powerful symbol of unity and strength. When James I introduced the Unite in 1604, he did so with a visionary purpose - to simplify the complicated and confusing coinage system of England and unite the kingdom under one currency. The Unite was not just a practical solution, but also a representation of James I's authority and power over England and Scotland. It was a beautiful and inspiring coin, bearing the two kingdoms' coat of arms and reflecting the spirit of togetherness. Even today, the Unite continues to captivate, attracting collectors and investors alike with its rich history, exquisite design, and high gold content. As the Royal Mint, we take great pride in the Unite coin and are honoured to preserve and celebrate its legacy for generations to come.


British Monarchs King Charles I 2023 UK 2oz Gold Proof Coin

Specification Value
Denomination £200
Alloy 999.9 Fine Gold
Weight 62.42 g
Diameter 40.00mm
Reverse Designer Nicholas Briot
Specification Value
Obverse Designer Martin Jennings
Quality Proof
Year 2023
Pure Metal Type Gold

Charles I Unite

Specification Value
Quality Circulating
Year Mixed
Pure Metal Type Gold
Condition Minimum of Good Fine
Specification Value
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