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This banknote was designed by Harry Eccleston who revolutionised the imagery found on British banknotes. He was appointed in 1958 as the Bank of England’s first full time designer and artist and would go onto design banknotes with famous depictions of Newton, Wellington, Nightingale, Shakespeare and Wren.

This banknote features the signature of the 25th Chief Cashier, John Brangwyn Page. After serving in the RAF as a pilot during WWII, Page joined the Bank of England in 1948, before being seconded to the IMF from 1953 to 1955.  He was appointed Chief Cashier in 1970, a position he held until 1980, and described the role as one that “he enjoyed more than anything else he had ever done”.


Specification Value
Reverse Designer H. Eccleston OBE
Obverse Designer H. Eccleston OBE
Specification Value
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