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Born into a military family with links to Alexander the Great’s father, Seleucus was quick to participate in military action once he came of age. He proved himself a leader while still under Alexander when he was an officer in the conquest of the Persian empire and later commanded the Macedonian infantry against King Porus of India.

After Alexander’s death, Seleucus spent years building up his political and military power, forging alliances with the likes of Ptolemy of Egypt and reconquering Babylonia, with only a small army at his side. A few years after reconquering Babylon, Seleucus declared himself king and officially began the Seleucid Empire which lasted from 305 BC to 64 BC.

Seleucus spent his time extending his empire, returning to capture lands in India and hoping to re-establish what was Alexander’s empire. He fell just short of this goal when he was murdered by the son of Ptolemy in Macedonia.

Zeus is king of the Greek gods and god of the sky and thunder. Child of Titan gods Cronus and Rhea, Zeus came to rebel and overthrow the Titans, leaving him the most powerful of all the gods and father to the Greek pantheon of gods and of humanity.


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