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Anastasius I gold Solidus, Constantinople, Struck between 507-518

Obverse - Facing bust

Reverse -  VICTORI - AAVCCC Δ, Victory standing left holding staff surmounted by inverted tau-rho, in exergue, CONOB, 4.42 grams of gold

Nearly Uncirculated condition with a portrait of fine style.

Constantine the Great’s reign saw the introduction of a new very pure gold coin named the Solidus, which typically weighed 4.5 grams and remained in use throughout the Western World for over 700 years. The new gold coin was the perfect method for spreading the word around the Empire of the conversion to Christianity, with depictions of Christian figures and symbols featuring on the gold Solidus.

Interestingly, the term soldier comes from the solidus coin, referring to the solidi with which soldiers were paid.

We are pleased to offer you a small number of original Gold Solidus coins – one of the most important and influential gold coins in World history.


Specification Value
Weight 4.42 g
Quality Circulating
Year 507-518
Pure Metal Type Gold
Specification Value
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