With The Royal Mint Completer Medallion

Complete your Great British Coin Hunt in style

You’ve joined in with the Great British Coin Hunt and your full 50p set is displayed beautifully in your stand-up Collector Album! To officially complete your collection you can now order your Completer Medallion. With other sets available each Completer Medallion is subtly different, bespoke to the set, but every medallion has The Royal Mint’s logo on its reverse and is presented in protective packaging until it is placed in its album.

Once you’ve added your Completer Medallion to your collection - why not share a picture on The Royal Mint’s Facebook or Twitter page? Other collectors will be eager to see who else has successfully completed their Great British Coin Hunt. And why stop there when there are three more albums? You could move on to the £2, £1 or Sports 50p albums, or perhaps you know someone who will enjoy starting their own hunt for Britain’s coins.

The Collector Albums

Few realise just how accessible, fun and interesting coin collecting is. After all, everyone has access to coins and can join this new collecting craze. Collector Albums from The Royal Mint are an accessible and exciting way to collect coins that are in circulation. Hunt down coins in your change or at the bank, swap with friends or put your family on the lookout – start your Great British Coin Hunt today! Collector Albums are fun for the whole family – all the coins can be found in circulation and the albums are available for just £5.

The stand-up display booklet has been created by The Royal Mint’s own designers, inspired by the characters that have featured on 50p coins like Britannia, Scouts and Guides and even a panda! Seek out the coins - you can even get social and share hints and tips on Facebook or Twitter - and involve friends in the hunt too, finally popping them into your folder. And when you’ve found that elusive last coin you can purchase your Completer Medallion to officially finish your collection. Or why not move on to the next album in line? Three more Great British Coin Hunt Albums await!


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