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The Plan of The Tower

The Plan of the Tower

The intricate Tower wall design detail sweeping the edges of the four coin designs is not only included as a design detail, but to indicate where the coins overlap the four sections of the walls. 

This plan was used as part of the coin design process, with the White Tower set as the centre point.  If the coins were to be placed side by side, they don’t match together exactly as the design represents the four corners of the grounds, ensuring each part of the location is represented accurately yet beautifully.  The detail depicts where they overlap, as shown here in red, with the wall uniting the four designs.

The White Tower serves as a centre point for the designs and a very special mint mark depicting the White Tower can also be found on all four coins.  Read more about this mint mark here

Four coins with designs embodying history and representing the iconic Tower of London.  To read more about this visit our Tower of London hub.





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